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Is The NOISES Today AFFECTING Your Property Decision?

Many people are asking me, "Freddie, is this a BAD time to buy or sell property?"  

Are you also having this burning question in your mind as well?


Hi, i am Freddie Xu.

Me and my wife are like most of the Singaporean, we started with a HDB. And at that point of time, we work very hard because we only want to quickly clear off all my loans to be debt free. But I realise one thing, by doing this, I will only be trading off all my time and need to work very hard for the money. 

Becoming an Investor $$$ working Hard for Me

I'm glad to have many opportunities in my real estate career to learn from all my investors and mentors on how can I effectively build my property portfolio with a safe and systematic way. We manage to own Two private properties at the age of 34.

Recently there are many people talking about this virus thing, I have even clients who are worried and concern of their property decision. 

I think before we give a yes or no, is always better to look into information first 

isn't it?

Read on to find out more 

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SARS Outbreak in 2003

Still remember this incident happened in 2003?

Let's look at some data on people who took action to purchase their property at this point of time:

As you can see, these people are laughing to the bank with handsome profits generated from their investment.

The price increase by 115% after the SARS period.


GFC & Swine Flu outbreak in 2008  

If you remember, this is the time where many panic and fears are happening in the market,

and the market plunged at this point of time, there are owners who lost more than a million dollar in their investment.....

I decided to go more in depth to find out more....

Within the same period of time, someone lost a lot of money, but at the other side, someone made more than a million dollar in their investment... And I started to understand the theory of " EVERY CRSIS ALWAYS CREATES OPPORTUNITIES"

Always learn from the Billionaires!

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Major Cooling Measures in 2013

When major cooling measure implemented in 2013, the market came into a correction stage.

Look at those who took action in this uncertainty period, i still remember that some of my clients always tell me that Yishun is a ulu (deserted) place, can you imagine a ulu place allow investors to make another round of handsome profits from their investment. This can be only possible because they took action.

Of course you will ask me this golden question: "since there is a price correction, than who lost the investment?"

In my research, I found out that within this cooling period. People who bought The Greenwich and Seletar Park Residences are moving downward trend of 11-12 %, respectively compare with High Park Residences which have a growth of 21%.

People who are not familiar in the real estate market may think that they might be in a different location. 

Take a look below.......

There is an opportunity in every crisis and the deeper the crisis, the better the opportunity can be. But some people are not capable of seeing it.

Don't Miss The Opportunity Again

Savvy buyers had already took actions over the weekend launch!! 

Lets Look at what Happen in April.....

The buyers who bought their property in Feb are siting on a $400psf profit in just less than 2 months. Can you imagine ? Do we really have such opportunities in a normal period?

That's why the more Fear we have in the market, the more we need to Open up to explore.

While we are sitting at home going through the Circuit Breaker Period, total 443 units was transacted. Many Savvy investors had already started their Value Hunting and taken action on their Wealth Creation Journey.

Do you know which property has a

Good Rental Yield?

Great Potential Upside?

Contact me for a sharing session that has no obligations and is completely FREE.

Why did i go thru this with you?

Ask yourself this question: How much u need to retire?

Do you know to Retire at the age of 62 and live until the age of 85 with $3500 income per month. How much you need to have in your saving?

The ANSWER is $966,000

Here are some immediate options:  

1. Do nothing and retire with just 1 property and hope to save enough for retirement  

2. Take the initiative to seek professional advice and learn from those who have successfully done it so that you can ultimately build a FINANCIALLY SECURE FUTURE!

Your Future Is Determined by Your Decision 

Most importanly is to understand these 3 steps:

  • What to buy
  • Where to buy
  • How to buy

What you can expect from the meet up:

  • A Simple Calculation formula to understand your financial position
  • A Property Investment RoadMap In Planned Phases.
  • How You Can Achieve Huge Potential Upside From Your Properties. 
  • A detailed and systematic road map that will allow you to retire comfortably
  • An Easy yet Useful CPF usage method 
  • The 5 ways you can use to analyze and see the available options in the market

This is one of the investment strategy you will learn from this meet up as well.

With over 10 years in the Real Estate Business, i have helped numerous homeowners to achieve their financial goal.

Let me tell you the truth, many home owners and investors have regretted not taking action on the last Crisis. 

Don’t be one of them!

You can give up your dreams and continue doing what you are doing but let's be honest, you won't have read to this point if you wanted that.

Give me 1 hour,

Either you walk away the same after 1 hour or become one of my successful clients.

The most important part about building a successful property portfolio is to spot the right property, have a detailed, careful planning and meticulous financial calculations as these are the crucial steps to achieve your dream lifestyle.

There is NOTHING to lose in gaining more knowledge.

After all, knowledge is power.

You will be amazed at the insights you can gain from this short discussion. 

No Obligation at all.

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What Some Of My Clients Say About Me ...

Freddie is a sincere, thoughtful and professional wealth planner. Throughout the whole period of working together, the advice that he has provided was always well-organised and straight to the point. There was no fluff and everything was transparent. Not only were his comparisons thorough and detailed, he uses clear strategies which always gives us very helpful suggestions on what we should and should not do. We are pleased to have him as our consultant and fully entrust our risk management and retirement planning to him. - Mr and Mrs Tan -

Freddie is trustworthy, communicates well and understands my financial needs. I find him to be very reliable, a confidante for financial matters. Prior to knowing him, I had no long term retirement plan from an investment viewpoint. After knowing him, my financial life has stabilized and improved tremendously over time.  

- Ronnie & Jane -

Many of our SUCCESSFUL real life clients are enjoying the benefits of making the right property choice.

We believe you have the potential to be like them.

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